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Includes windows ready version of node-inspector and script for making it easier to launch
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Using node-inspector on windows

What is this?

Tool for getting node-inspector working on windows and for simplifying the proces of launching the debugger. It's not rocket science, but it is (I think) useful.

What it does

  • Gets you up and running with a windows friendly version of node-inspector
  • Provides a command line tool to launch for debugging.

Prerequisites for using


  • From the command window launch install.cmd. This will install node-inspector via npm and apply the paperboy patch described here to get node-inspector working on windows.
  • From the start menu right click on Computer->Properties->Advanced Computer Settings->Environment variables.
    • Create 2 system variables
      • set NODE_INSPECTOR to the folder where this repo is located i.e. "c:\node-inspector"
      • set NODE_INSPECTOR_BROWSER to the path of your webkit browser of choice i.e. Chrome, Safari. For example right clicking on Chrome on my machine gives me “C:\Users\gblock\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”
  • Add %NODE_INSPECTOR% to your path.


  • In the command window, go to the folder where the node app you want to debug is.
  • Type node-debug [url] e.g. node-debug http://localhost:3000

Once you run it from the app folder it will:

  • Launch node inspector
  • Launch you app in debug mode.
  • Open the browser you specified and launch the debugger ui.
  • Launch the start url you specified.

Known issues I've seen some cases where running node-debug causes a socket error. This seems to happen periodically. Closing the command windows and starting again seems to clear it.



  • node-inspector-windows is licensed under Apache 2.
  • paperboy is licensed under the "Debuggable Limited license" (see LICENSE.PAPERBOY.txt)
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