Capistrano scripts for doing super quick deployments and rollbacks using Git
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GitHub-esque deployment using Capistrano and Git

If you're deploying your rails application from a git repository using capistrano there are a few inefficiencies in the process. Chris Wanstrath gave a good example of them and how to make your deployments more efficient.

I've packaged those changes up into a more reusable format for the projects I'm working on, it's by no means perfect but patches are gladly accepted.


Just put the files and directories from this repository into the root of your rails app.


Settings that are used across all your deployment targets are in config/deploy/settings.rb. If you're deploying to multiple different environments (staging, production, etc.) settings for each target environment live in config/deploy/targets.rb


Most of the usual capistrano tasks are available. To setup the expected directory structure on the server run the following:

	cap target_name deploy:setup

This will create the deploy_to path, the current and shared sub-directories within it, and checkout your code. It will also try to create the appropriate web-server config (for apache or nginx), the main .conf file for your web-server will need to be setup to include *.conf in the relevant directory. Take a look at config/deploy/apache.rb and config/deploy/nginx.rb for the relevant config templates.

To update a deployed codebase just run:

	cap target_name deploy


Chris and the guys at GitHub for the initial templates and inspiration.