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#arch-pkgbuilds ##tinyCA2 - version 0.7.5-3

  • The source is avilaible at
  • The package contains also 'fix-tinyca-paths.patch' and the modified PKGBUILD from arch aur repository. I'm not sure the author for fix-tinyca-paths.patch', but, the credits for the PKGBUILD must go to Marti Raudsepp

###My contribution to this package

  • New github repo from debian's source
  • Cleaned the debian patches by removing debian specific stuff
  • Added arch sub directory with arch linux related stuff

###Changelog version 0.7.5-2 - Tue May 31 2014

  • Added arch related stuff
  • Cleaned debian related stuff
  • Moved templates from /usr/share/tinyca2 to /etc/tinyca

version 0.7.5-3 - Sat August 29 2015

##File::Rename Version 0.20-1 - 26 June 2014

  • This will build file-rename which can be used to rename files' using perl regular expressions. This package is different from perl-rename. As debian debian user, I used to use File::Rename provided by 'rename' package on debian. This PKGBUILD will build that same package and install it as file-rename. Add "alias rename='file-rename'" to use this as the default.

##python-robobrowser Version 0.3.1 - Sat July 12 2014

  • RoboBrowser is a simple, Pythonic library for browsing the web without a standalone web browser.


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