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The elsewhere-mapper is a social media profile endpoint mapper, it is part of a collection of node.js modules that enable the discovery of profiles and identities an indivdual creates across the web.


npm install elsewhere-mapper


git clone
cd elsewhere-mapper
npm link


with list of URLs

var mapper = require("elsewhere-mapper");

mapper.parseUrls([''], function(data){
    // do something with data

with list of SGNs

var mapper = require("elsewhere-mapper");

mapper.parseSgns(['sgn://'], function(data){
    // do something with data

with JSON from elsewhere module

var mapper = require("elsewhere-mapper");

mapper.parseElsewhereJson({ data object... },  function(data){
    // do something with data


This will return JSON. This is an example where three urls where given:,,

    "identities": [{
        "name": "Github",
        "domain": "",
        "matchedUrl": "",
        "userName": "glennjones",
        "sgn": "sgn://",
        "endPoints": [{
            "schema": "Atom",
            "contentType": "Activity",
            "mediaType": "Atom",
            "url": ""
        }, {
            "schema": "hCard",
            "contentType": "Profile",
            "mediaType": "Html",
            "url": ""
        }, {
            "schema": "XFN",
            "contentType": "Services",
            "mediaType": "Html",
            "url": ""
        "frequency": 2,
        "icon16": ""
    "domainsNotMapped": [{
        "url": "",
        "frequency": 3
    "urlsNotParsed": [{
        "url": ""
    "commonUserName": "glennjones",
    "highestFrequencySite": ""

Using the server API

Once you've cloned the project and run npm install, run the server $ node bin/elsewhere-mapper and then point your browser at localhost:8881 to try it out.

The server API will take either a single value or a comma delimited list of URLs/SGNs. Alternatively you can also pass it a JSON string from the output of the elsewhere node.js module. Finally it supports a callback querystring item for use with any of the other three data types.

GET http://localhost:8881/?

Adding a new site to elsewhere-mapper

It is easy to add a new site to the list that elsewhere-mapper maps. Each site has its own mapping file, which contains a simple description in JSON of the site and a group of urltemplates for matching. This is the mapping file for

    "name": "Dopplr",
    "domain": "",
    "urlMappings": [{
        "urlTemplate": "{username}",
        "schema": "hCard",
        "contentType": "Profile",
        "mediaType": "Html"
    }, {
        "urlTemplate": "{username}/public",
        "schema": "None",
        "contentType": "None",
        "mediaType": "Html"
    "www": true

First make sure you have the development version of elsewhere-mapper by using the following command

npm install --dev 

to download the package. To add a site create a new map file and add it into the maps directory. Follow the simple structure from another map file changing the values. Then create a 16x16 pixel png icon file for your site and place it in the icons directory. The icon can be copied from the favicon of the site, but it has to be in the png format.

Once you have created the map and icon files we need to compact them into the main project files. Run node.js locally using the command

$ node bin/elsewhere-mapper 

in the elsewhere-mapper directory and then point your browser at localhost:8881/compress-maps/ you should see the word “done”. To compress the images install glue on your mac navigate to the elsewhere-mapper directory using the command execute

$ glue --html --optipng --watch icons sprites.

Contributing to the project

Please use github to ask me to pull your additions or corrections. The more people that help maintain this project the better the quailty of data.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with elsewhere-mapper? Please raise an issue at:


The project is open sourced under MIT licenses. See the license.txt file within the project source.


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