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Resources to support the scientific use of the GeyserTimes platform
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GeyserTimes Science

This repository contains resources to support the scientific use of the GeyserTimes platform.

Data License, Attribution, and Naming

GeyserTimes uses the Open Source Database License. Though GeyserTimes data are open, the license has a few stipulations, including that you attribute the project and share alike. The minimum expected attribution is: © GeyserTimes. On digital platforms, a link from the attribution to should be included (Example: © GeyserTimes). The proper spelling and capitalization of the project is GeyserTimes -- written as a single word with the G and T capitalized.

Scientific Citation Formatting

The following are citation examples in the APA style for a single geyser eruption, multiple days of data, multiple geysers over a multi-year time span, and a large survey of geysers over a single year. The title of the webpage should be constructed by the user to succinctly describe the data in a human-understanble format--toward enabling future readers to retrieve the data themselves.

  • GeyserTimes. (2017) Eruption of Old Faithful Geyser, October 29, 2017, 13:55 [online database]. Retrieved October 31, 2017, from

  • GeyserTimes. (2017) Eruptions of Old Faithful Geyser, May 1-3, 2017 [online database]. Retrieved May 4, 2017, from

  • GeyserTimes. (2017) Eruptions of Beehive, Grand, and Lion Geysers, 2010-2012 [online database]. Retrieved May 4, 2017, from

  • GeyserTimes. (2017) Eruptions of Yellowstone Geysers, 2009 [online database]. Retrieved May 4, 2017. from

Including GeyserTimes in your acknowledgement sections is always appreciated; e.g, "Geyser data were provided by".

Bibtex Citation

   author = {{GeyserTimes}},
   title = {{Eruptions of Old Faithful Geyser, May 2014 [online database] }},
   howpublished = "\url{ }",
   year = {2017},

Developer API

GeyserTimes infrastructure supports some programmatic retrieval requests; API documentation.

Temperature Logger Data

The National Park Service and Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory data loggers are archived here.

Bug Reports and Suggestions

If you encounter a bug in the GeyserTimes webpage or app, the best way to report it is by submitting an issue; general instructions can be found here. Add the label bug to highlight the note. Similarly, submit an issue if you have suggestions for how to improve GeyserTimes. Add the label suggestion to highlight the issue. If using a GitHub Issue is too confusing, suggestions and comments can also be sent to: webmaster[at]

Attribution Contact

Please contact Dr. Alan Glennon (glennon[at] if you have any questions about data attribution or scientific citation issues.

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