Simple search using techniques outlined in Rails wiki
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Adds search method to ActiveRecord::Base.
The query language supports the operators
(), not, and, or
Precedence in that order.
- is an alias for not.
If no operator is present, and is assumed.
Lastly, anything within double quotes is treated as 
a single search term.

For example,
 ruby rails => records where both ruby and rails appear
 "ruby on rails" => records where "ruby on rails" appears
 ruby or rails => records where ruby or rails (or both) appears
 ruby or chunky bacon => records where ruby appears or both chunky and bacon appear
 not dead or alive => records where alive appears or dead is absent
 -(ruby or rails) => records where neither ruby nor rails appears
 (ruby or rails) -"ruby on rails" => records where ruby or rails appears but not the phrase "ruby on rails"
This search implementation also utilizes the will-paginate plugin, but will still work
if it is not present as well.  Note the different paging params used in each case.

Query feature by Nate McNamara (
Support for second-order associations by Moritz Heidkamp
Original TextSearch library by Duane Johnson.
Pagination support and other enhancements by Glenn Powell

The class method 'search' searches the model's text and varchar fields
  text = a set of words to search for
  :only => an array of fields in which to search for the text;
    default is 'all text or string columns'
  :except => an array of fields to exclude
    from the default searchable columns
  :case_sensitive => true or false (default) (although MySQL LIKE is case-insensitive by default anyways)
  :search_include => an array of tables to include in the joins.  Fields that
    have searchable text will automatically be included in the default
    set of :search_columns.
  :include => an array of tables to include in the joins, but only
    for joining. (Searchable fields will not automatically be included.)
  :conditions => a string or array of additional conditions (constraints)
  :offset => paging offset (integer) (if will-paginate plugin is not present)
  :limit => number of rows to return (integer) (if will-paginate plugin is not present)
  :page => paging offset (integer) (if will-paginate plugin is present)
  :per_page => number of rows to return (integer) (if will-paginate plugin is present)
  :order => sort order (order_by SQL snippet)


class Manufacturer < ActiveRecord::Base
  searches_on :name


class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :manufacturer
  searches_on :name, :description

-------'ruby rails', :search_include => [:manufacturer], :conditions => ['product.created_at > ?', 3.days.ago])

Copyright (c) 2008 [name of Glenn Powell], released under the MIT license