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+# Markup Hive SDK
+This is an SDK for the hosting platform. This tool is
+intended for developing web applications for that service.
+The host template language is Jade with a couple of feature extensions.
+Jade can help people be incredibly productive, but the cost to learn how
+to implement it correctly for a site is a real hurdle to many who do not
+use it regularly. As a result people do not give Jade a chance because a
+"Hello, World!" example takes longer than the 30 seconds it would take in
+their native environment.
+If you are new to Jade there is also a site dedicated to helping you
+[learn the features and syntax of Jade](
+## Basic usage
+# help output
+$ markuphive --help
+$ markuphive create --path test_project
+# do some coding
+$ markuphive run_server --path test_project
+## Project files
+In directory test_project you will have the following directories:
+- test_project/data
+- test_project/templates
+- test_project/static
+- test_project/static/css
+- test_project/static/img
+- test_project/static/js
+And the file:
+- test_project/app.yaml
+If you run `markuphive create` with the `--bootstrap` flag, your static
+directory will have all the files from the Twitter Bootstrap framework
+included. The `templates/base.jade` file has some skeleton code to include
+what you need to get started.
+### app.yaml
+`app.yaml` contains commented out code. In a nutshell you specify the route
+rule and the jade file associated with that rule. The following are a few
+rules you can use:
+In that last route the variable `member_name` will be available in your
+jade file.
+Each route can have one or more data files. These are static text files in
+the `data/` directory that are either json or yaml format. The `data/ `
+directory does not need to be specified. Each succeeding data file with
+matching keys will overwrite keys in the preceeding file.
+Due to technical limitations, variables from route rules such as
+`member_name` above will be overwritten by any data files with the same
+In the `data/` directory just create files with a .json or .yaml extension
+and the SDK will properly load in the correct format. Due to json's strict
+formatting rules it is suggested to use the yaml format when possible.
+Some completed routes are shown below:
+ - rule: /
+ template: home.jade
+ - rule: /about-us/
+ template: about-us.jade
+ data: team.yaml
+ - rule: /portfolio/
+ template: portfolio.jade
+ data: [projects.json, clients.yaml]
+All static assets such as css and png files are to be in the `static/`
+directory. Any url prefixed with `/static/` will directly serve these files.
@@ -0,0 +1,44 @@
+# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
+ flask
+ ~~~~~
+ A microframework based on Werkzeug. It's extensively documented
+ and follows best practice patterns.
+ :copyright: (c) 2011 by Armin Ronacher.
+ :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
+__version__ = '0.9'
+# utilities we import from Werkzeug and Jinja2 that are unused
+# in the module but are exported as public interface.
+from werkzeug.exceptions import abort
+from werkzeug.utils import redirect
+from jinja2 import Markup, escape
+from .app import Flask, Request, Response
+from .config import Config
+from .helpers import url_for, jsonify, json_available, flash, \
+ send_file, send_from_directory, get_flashed_messages, \
+ get_template_attribute, make_response, safe_join, \
+ stream_with_context
+from .globals import current_app, g, request, session, _request_ctx_stack, \
+ _app_ctx_stack
+from .ctx import has_request_context, has_app_context, \
+ after_this_request
+from .module import Module
+from .blueprints import Blueprint
+from .templating import render_template, render_template_string
+# the signals
+from .signals import signals_available, template_rendered, request_started, \
+ request_finished, got_request_exception, request_tearing_down
+# only import json if it's available
+if json_available:
+ from .helpers import json
+# backwards compat, goes away in 1.0
+from .sessions import SecureCookieSession as Session
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