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Phing task to run
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SmushitCompressorTask.php Phing build task for Smush.It

Phing Tasks

This project contains Smush.It task to Phing build tool for PHP.

Smush.It Task

Defines a Phing task to run the compressor against a set of image files.

To setup, put SmushitCompressorTask.php under Phing tasks/ext:

To use this task, include it with a taskdef tag in your build.xml file:

<taskdef name="smushit" classname="ext.tasks.SmushitCompressorTask" />

The task is now ready to be used:

<target name="smushit" description="Optimize with">
    <smushit targetdir="path/to/target">
        <fileset dir="path/to/source">
            <include name="**/*.jpg" />
            <include name="**/*.jpeg" />
            <include name="**/*.gif" />
            <include name="**/*.png" />

This task makes use of smushit by GitHub user davgothic, make sure it is in php include_path.

Task Attributes


  • targetdir - Specifies the directory path for output files.


There are no optional attributes for this task.


  • add option to skip saving filetype changes
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