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glen's dotfiles

A collection of my dotfiles with an included deploy script to completely replace (with backups of course) all vim, zsh, tmux configurations. I recommend that you do not blindly run the script and instead pick out the bits and pieces that you find useful. Especially because the gitconfig file contains references to my own username, email, and name. Everything else should be user-agnostic.

I (think) it depends on solarized colorscheme and powerline fonts in your terminal or everything will look like shit.


  • Make update script

  • Make environment/zsh/bashrc/profile all consistent

  • multiple tmux sessions, selector (windows)

  • use windows as different workspaces, sessions as different projects

  • add fugitive, syntastic to numbers_exclude

  • fix weird loclist issues with syntastic

  • add check for bufferclose to safely close fugitive windows and oher windows

  • switch newline prompt to be the right and left unicode/emoji arrows, colorize for vim mode

  • colorize username + computer in prompt

  • remove dependencies on oh my zsh

  • add in .profile .bash_profile and .zsh_profile

  • get better buffer navigator

  • learn how to use fugitive

  • add sshconfig in maybe??? (definitely insecure)

  • make deploy script fail unless you are me! (i suggest people don't run it naked)

    • or ask questions and make a better spf13
  • folding and shit

  • move buffers around (ctrl+p for buffers or something)


  • Split vimrc into mutliple files based on plugin they're for?

Some plugins to add:


antigen - zsh plugin manager or better yet, a simple script that you specify a repo a branch and a relatilve file path and it will clone and source the file

make sure you install vim with --with-lua brew install vim --with-lua

youcompleteme, clang, xbuild(mono), etc. dependencies: go, rust, mono, clang, cmake go,rust,mono,cmake are from homebre install clang by typing clang and using the UI

fish is a pretty awesome shell learn from fish


  • All
    • Vim with lua, clipboard
    • fzf
    • git
    • ag
  • Optional
    • mono
    • go
    • typescript
    • clang
    • rust
  • Mac
    • homebrew
    • homebrew-coreutils


vim-oblique overrides the following keys by default:

Default Key <Plug> map Description
/ <Plug>(Oblique-/) Forward search
? <Plug>(Oblique-?) Backward search
z/ <Plug>(Oblique-F/) Forward fuzzy-search
z? <Plug>(Oblique-F?) Backward fuzzy-search
n <Plug>(Oblique-n) Repeat the last search
N <Plug>(Oblique-N) Repeat the last search in the opposite direction
* <Plug>(Oblique-*) Forward star-search (in normal and visual mode)
# <Plug>(Oblique-#) Backward star-search (in normal and visual mode)
g* <Plug>(Oblique-g*) Forward star-search (no word boundary match)
g# <Plug>(Oblique-g#) Backward star-search (no word boundary match)


Token Match type Description
sbtrkt fuzzy-match Items that match sbtrkt
^music prefix-exact-match Items that start with music
.mp3$ suffix-exact-match Items that end with .mp3
'wild exact-match (quoted) Items that include wild
!rmx inverse-fuzzy-match Items that do not match rmx
!'fire inverse-exact-match Items that do not include fire


Glen's dotfiles






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