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andrewrk commented Feb 5, 2013

  • simpler less error-prone code
  • ability to not console.log on error
  • add tests
  • documentation moved to readme for better accessibility
  • remove alias methods
  • default kissmetrics endpoint uses SSL

andrewrk commented Feb 5, 2013

If you merge this PR, Indaba Music will use your kissmetrics module and I will delete my fork. If you do not merge this PR, we will use my fork.


glesperance commented Feb 5, 2013

Hi Andrew,

Just looked at your fork and it definitely looks awesome.

However, I won't be merging it with the codebase as changing the whole code and all it's dependent libraries can hardly be considered a refactor.

If you've found some bugs and would like them to be fixed, please report them or have a specific pull request submitted.

In summary, I'm good with pull request provided it's not a complete re-write of the lib and that it respects the original idea behind it ; that is, using the same libraries as well as conforming to the same code writing style (jsDocs).



@glesperance glesperance closed this Feb 5, 2013

andrewrk commented Feb 5, 2013

Cool. Least you could do is link to the fork in the README

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