Module to log queries done by specific user types
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pg_log_userqueries is a PostgreSQL module that logs each query executed by a
superuser. It records each query in the standard log file.

To install pg_log_userqueries, you should untar the pg_log_userqueries tarball
anywhere you want.

You'll then need to compile it with pgxs. So the pg_config tool must be in your
path. Depending on your PostgreSQL installation, you may need to install a dev
package. Once pg_config is in your path, do "make", and then "make install".

Once it's installed, you'll need to configure PostgreSQL to make use of it:

* shared_preload_libraries='pg_log_userqueries'

There are also optional parameters. To configure them, with a PostgreSQL release
older than 9.2, you first need to add the class of pg_log_userqueries in

* custom_variable_classes = 'pg_log_userqueries'

In more recent release, custom_variable_classes is no longer available but you
can still configure pg_log_userqueries.

You'll be able to set the two following parameters:

* pg_log_userqueries.log_level: to choose the log level of pg_log_userqueries
* pg_log_userqueries.log_label: to give the prefix of the log line for
  pg_log_userqueries logs.

Once this configuration is done, restart PostgreSQL.

The default is to log only superuser queries. But there are also three more
optional parameters that allow you to log all queries per database or per user
or per IP address. If you do this, it won't log only superuser queries but
every queries according to the new filter.

* pg_log_userqueries.log_db: to give a pipe separated list of database to log.
* pg_log_userqueries.log_user: to give a pipe separated list of user to log.
* pg_log_userqueries.log_addr: to give a pipe separated list of IP addresses to log.

You can use advanced regular expression in that list. For example:

* pg_log_userqueries.log_user="^postgres$|^admin_.*|.*_adm$"

will match if the exact username is 'postgres', or if it begins with 'admin_' or
ends with '_adm'.

By default pg_log_userqueries will write queries to PostgreSQL log destination.
A superuser can change this behavior with the pg_log_userqueries.log_destination
parameter. By default at stderr, put syslog if you prefer to use a syslog
daemon. You can also configure the syslog facility and the program