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h1. 99 Acounts
I've got 99 accounts but your tweet ain't one... HIT ME!
h2. About
h4. Credits
99 Accounts by Greg Leuch <>
Released as a Free Art & Technoloy Lab (F.A.T. Lab) project <>
Copyfree 2010.
Source Code:
h2. Usage
h4. License
You may use this program if you agree to the following:
* You are a non-commercial entity focused on using this for good-natured purposes only.
* You must leave the header comment and footer credit intact.
h4. Installation
* Clone this repo (git clone git:// into a web-accessible directory.
* Rename settings.yml.default to settings.yml
** Change settings as needed. Be sure to add your Twitter OAuth key and secret strings.
* Run!
h4. Notes
* With DataMapper > 0.10.0, you may get a NoMethodError on 'find_by_sql'. To fix, install the dm-ar-finders gem.
* Based on the Retweet Game code by Greg Leuch <>