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Retweet Fucker by Greg Leuch <>
Released as a Free Art & Technoloy Lab (F.A.T. Lab) project <>
Copyfree 2009.
Source Code:
Retweet Fucker (a.k.a Retweet Game) reaches out to Twitter users to play a retweet lottery game. After a user adds
the application, they are placed into a lottery system to win a chance to have one of their everyday tweets
retweeted out by others in the lottery. This game focuses on provoking users' common conversations into the upper
bounds of Twitter famousness while requiring users to gamble time, their tweets, and their followers for a chance
to win a retweet round.
This project is an exercise in exploring Twitter popularity (internet famo) through a simple and forgettable
game interface and the (new) retweet features available within the Twitter API. Retweet Fucker is written in
Sinatra (Ruby) using DataMapper and Twitter OAuth.
Concept and code by Greg Leuch <>. Free for use by anyone.
- You may use this program if you agree to the following:
- You are a non-commercial entity focused on using this for good-natured purposes only.
- You must leave the header comment and footer credit intact.
*** To change the group name in the footer, edit the group_name field in your settings. ***
- Clone this repo (git clone git:// into a web-accessible directory.
- Rename settings.yml.default to settings.yml
*** Change settings as needed. Be sure to add your Twitter OAuth key and secret strings! ***
- Run.
- None, at the moment.
- None, at the moment.
- With DataMapper > 0.10.0, you may get a NoMethodError on 'find_by_sql'. To fix, install the dm-ar-finders gem.
Props to Jamie Wilkinson ( for guidance, and Patrick Ewing ( for
additional followers idea. And always, the F.A.T. Lab crew (!