Connect up a tweet queue for your best single-topic Twitter account, with the ability to grab messages from your email inbox.
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Single Topic Twitter Queue

Connect up a tweet queue for your best single-topic Twitter account, plus the ability to grab messages from your email inbox.


Some people want to simply share a Twitter account with friends. Others want to show off their stalker’s crazy tweets to the Twitter-verse. Single Topic Twitter Queue allows users to sync a Twitter account and queue tweets for publishing at set intervals.

Optionally, an IMAP (e.g. Gmail) inbox can be accessed to fetch potential tweets from an account. (Great for forwarding those hilarious text messages!)


This app must be run using Ruby with Sinatra. More information about Sinatra can be found at


This app runs Ruby and Sinatra with DataMapper. If not familiar with DataMapper, check out

In addition, the following Ruby gems are required:

  • gem install dm-core dm-types dm-timestamps dm-aggregates dm-ar-finders dm-validations
  • gem install haml configatron twitter_oauth tmail


After setup, to get the app running, you must rename settings.yml.sample to settings.yml and configure the file as necessary with text, options, and database information.

oAuth Application Key

The oAuth consumer key and secret are required for use. You can set up your Twitter app at (You may also request to use the Single Topic Tweets oAuth app keys by contacting @gleuch.)

Email Setup

You can optionally run a separate script to fetch emails from an IMAP/Gmail inbox. To do so, you must enter the login information for the IMAP email account. You can also include filters for whitelisting specific sender email addresses.

Once that information is setup, you can run the Ruby script by running from the app folder the following command:

  • ruby bin/tweet_fetch.rb

Interval Publishing

You may elect to publish tweets on a schedule. To do so, you can use the queue script by setting up a cron task that runs from the app folder with the following command

  • ruby bin/tweet_queue.rb

Using the App

After setup and settings configurations, the application will require you to sync the Twitter account you wish to send your tweets. If at any time you wish to resync a new account, you can also visit

Once a Twitter account has been connected, you can then begin to enter tweets, see queued tweets, send/delete queued tweets, and view recently sent tweets.

If all is good, let the LOLs begin! :D

Credits & License

Built by Greg Leuch (@gleuch). Tell your friends if you enjoy the app!

Single Topic Twitter Queue is released under a GNU General Public License.