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Echelon - A Hierarchial Tags addon for Anki 2.1
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An Anki 2.1 Addon for Hierarchical Tags, with context aware renaming.

Based off the addon we know and love Hierarchical Tags by pneff, ported to anki 2.1 plus some enhancements

  • Clicking on a tag such as it will no longer show all cards with tags beginning in it*
  • Allowing any tag separator - configurable in Tools>Addons>Config
  • Renaming tags appropriate to the tag hierarchy on right click!

For example if we have tags:

| Foo | Foo::Bar | Foo::Baz | Foo::Bar::Baz |

Renaming Foo -> Apple:

| Apple | Apple::Bar | Apple::Baz | Apple::Bar::Baz|

Renaming Foo::Bar -> Banana:

| Foo | Banana | Foo::Baz | Banana::Baz |


At the moment anything in the Side Tree Bar will have Rename Tag when right clicked. If you clicked on a deck, this won't rename the deck. If you supplied a valid tag name, any tags with the same name as that deck would be renamed according to your input.

| Deck: Italian | Right Click Rename Tag | Renames any tags called Italian |

As ever feel free to suggest any features or raise any bugs!

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