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irssi pftp shit v1.12 (http://www.geekspot.nl/?page_id=6) Nov 5, 2013


                  .         ______/,....
         .. ,____/__- --\\\-\      | _______/\
        -/-// _  _  \_/\_____\___  | /       /
           /   )  )  \   _      )) |/       /
          /   /  /   /    )     / //\      /
         /   /  /   /___  _____/          /   pftpfxp mew edition
------\-\\__/--/    \-/     //___/\\     / -------------------------
        - ----(____ /((_____/--- -| ____/- ..
          . ...  \\/. ..      .. .|/---- -
                  .               .

   this package is for educational purposes only, any content
   only may be used for LEGAL actions.
   the authors cannot be held responsible for any illegal
   actions. you own your actions. got it ?
   the authors also do not and will never do or support
   illegal actions resulting or initiated from offered tools.
   hence this is open source, we demand a private copy of any
   chances you do to any of the tools.
   by using any of the offered tools, you accept this dislaimer. 

   all this work is based on the pftpfxp source for by pSi&HoE.
   the only goal for this project is to add some more or less
   usefull functions and maybe catch the one or other bug.

   bookmarks are now getting auto-converted from older officiel
   and mew versions, if manualy renamed to './pftp/bookmarks'.

--[ c h a n g e s ]-------------------------------------------------

        -------------------------------------------- v0.11.4mew6 ---
        + 'site msg' detection string is now per site definable
          over the bookmarks
        + nuked dir prefix is now per site definable over the
        + added SSL FXP (CPSV mode), defineable over bookmarks
          (works of couse only if both sites support it)
        + alternate FXP is now a seperate setting in bookmarks
        + added reverse dir/file-list sorting option to bookmarks,
          also new functions (FUNCTION_SWITCH_REVERSE_FILESORTING
          and FUNCTION_SWITCH_REVERSE_DIRSORTING) can be mapped
          over the keymap file
        + added chained rename, function can be mapped over the
          keymap file (FUNCTION_RENAME_CHAINED_DIALOG)
        + transfer mode can now be defined in pftpconf (MODE=)
          and as commandline switch (-mode), see pftpconf for
        + startup filelist format can now be defined in pftpconf,
          added additional filelist format (filename, size, owner),
          see pftpconf for details
        + few cosmetical fixes, eg;
          section_labels now upto 6chars displayed in bookmarks,
          input dialogs,
          in 'open server manager' use 'K' to close a site/pair
          without closing the manager too

        ------------------------------------------- v0.11.4mew5d ---
        + fixed auto assign fast switch key
        + added Post X-DUPE support,
          it is based on X-DUPE mode 3, so after xfer finished
          the receiving site should output an updated X-DUPE list
          ex.: '226- X-DUPE: filename.ext'
          so we would not need to run into a dupe before getting
          a X-DUPE list (someone should had thought first before
          releasing the kinda unfinished X-DUPE specs)
        + included autoconnector and release.catcher mIRC script
          (note; there will be no support/help for those)

        ------------------------------------------- v0.11.4mew5e ---
        + initial crash fix on freebsd, by ackmed
        + added georg's fxp_honor_passive hack, if PASSIVE mode
          is disabled, than alternate fxp will be used for this
          site (i know the correct way would be additional prefs
          in bookmarks, but seams to work for now and i dont need
          it, so ...)
        + added georg's local_refresh fix, local filesystem gets
          now also refreshed during REFRESH_CHAINED
        + auto assign fast switch key, if current site pair aint
          got a fast switch key assigned yet and if there is a
          free fast switch slot, it gets assigned          
        + merged in officiel v0.11.4 source,
          except the new filelist clear on refresh/cwd,
          except statusmsg linebreak, since we have different,
          password change is tobe found in the bookmark dialog
          (where it belongs too, imho),
          also bit different 'site msg' string detection
          (it is still biased to glftpd and should therefor be
          moved to bookmarks, but i dont need it, so ...)

        ------------------------------------------- v0.11.2mew5c ---
        + 'biased' first listing of nuked-dirs or similiar one
          with 'special' chars in it is gone
        + previous debug log gets now backuped,
          and a new one is used when starting pftp
        + STATUSMONITOR gets redrawn when resizing terminal
        + \ and ' can be used in keymap file and dont need to be
          written as acronym anymore
        + merged in officiel v.0.11.3 source, new dirlisting sheme
          is selectable over the config file (FREEOLDFILELIST)

        ------------------------------------------- v0.11.2mew5b ---
        + replaced KEYLINE with some preliminary STATUSMONITOR,
          showing server.switch.key assignments and pftp mode
        + reworked STATUSLINE messages
        + fixed LOCALDIR= in .pftp/config, can now be any dir again

        ------------------------------------------- v0.11.2mew5a ---
        + .pftpconf is now .pftp/config (manualy rename pls)
        + .pftpbookmrks is now .pftp/bookmarks (manualy rename pls)
        + for alot of functions the trigger-keys can now be defined
          over .pftp/keymap (see there for details)
        + sections labels can now be defined over .pftp/config,
          these labels are also used in '-section=' cmdline login

        -------------------------------------------- v0.11.2mew5 ---
        + fixed FIRSTFILES/FIRSTDIRSFILTER wich harmed filelisting*
        + seperate directory and file listing sheme*
        + 'b' now changes file sorting, 'B' changes dir sorting
        + FIRSTFILES/FIRSTDIRSFILTER & directory/file sorting are
          now also used while building xfer queue of directories
          wich contain files and subdirectories*
        + added 'exclude in CHAINING' filter,
          defines patterns of unwanted directory names wich will
          be ecluded in chain mode
          (i recomment using sftp for shell trading - pftp chain
          mode basicly needs a rewrite, but we wont put any work
          in that)
        + 'retry to login' loop can be stoped using 'c' button
        + changed '-connect=' cmdline login from
          '-connect=rightsite,leftsite' to
        + most from officiel pftp keymapping is back and
          sections got new keys assign (see section table below)
        + merged in officiel v0.11.2 source

          (* credits also go HoE for helping out here)

        ------------------------------------------- v0.11.1mew4b ---
        ? (knowledge of any changes got lost)

        ------------------------------------------- v0.11.1mew4a ---
        + removed FF setting in .pftpconf
        + merged in officiel v0.11.1 source (excl clitches)

        -------------------------------------------- v0.10.1mew4 ---
        + added LASTFILEFILTER .pftpconf (see there for details)
        + added retry to login if login failed
        + selectable first site cmd after login
        + added random REFRESH trigger to bookmarks, and
          expanded to NOOP as well (former RNDREFR in .pftpconf)
        + changeable NOOP cmd
        + removed seperate port entry in bookmarks, you need now
          to added hosts like 'ftp.host.com:1234' - if no port
          given it defaults to port 21

        ------------------------------------------- v0.10.1mew3a ---
        + fixed TYPE handling
        + fixed (but ugly) 'e' function cousing to xfer the
          file under the cursor if no differences found
        + fixed compile bug for systems without openssl
        + merged in officiel v0.10.1 source

        -------------------------------------------- v0.10.0mew3 ---
        + disabled welcome screen
        + disabled notsl delay
        + 'q' = cwd /
        + 'w' = cwd 1
        + 'e' = refresh both sites > compare > fxp
        + smarter TYPE handling
        + added '-section=' cmdline login
        + added '-passwd=' cmdline login
        + auto assign server.switch.keys on cmdline login
        + added STEALTH mode to bookmarks
        + expanded to 22 sections

--[ s e c t i o n t a b l e ]---------------------------------------

   check .pftp/config and .pftp/keymap for settings.

--[ k e y t a b l e ]-----------------------------------------------

   only basic/default keys are descripted here, check .pftp/keymap.

        key             - description
        ---               -----------
        UP              - cursor up
        DOWN            - cursor down
        END             - cursor end filelist
        HOME            - cursor start filelist
        PGUP            - cursor page up
        PGDN            - cursor page down
        LEFT            - 1 dir up
        RIGHT           - enter dir
        RETURN          - enter dir
        TAB             - switch file windows
        STATUS UP       - scroll status up
        STATUS DOWN     - scroll status down
    *   ESCAPE + '1-9'  - assign fast server switch
    *   ESCAPE + 'a-z'  - goto file/dir starting with A-Z...

    * assigning these keys to another function will overwrite
    these default function.

                              'take it or leave it' ~tanesha team


--------------------------------------------[ e n d o f f i l e ]---