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Simple Socks5 v0.9.6 (c) hawk/PPX

How to compile

Just type 'make clean linux' Needs g++ and openssl + header files

How to setup

Copy socks5.conf.dist to bin/socks5.conf and edit

How to start

To start with uncrypted conf: ./socks5 -u socks5.conf To start with crypted conf: ./socks5 socks5.conf To encrypt the conf use the blowcrypt tool in bin

Parameters in conf file

[ Debug ] debug=0; - turn debugging on/off log_to_screen=1; - print debug msgs to screen or to file debug_logfile=log.txt; - debug logfilename

[ Connection ] listen_port=123; - listen port connect_ip=; - bind to special ip when connecting listen_ip=; - bind to special ip when listening listen_interface=eth0; - interface to get ip from if listen_ip is not specified bind_port_start=40000; - port range used for bind method bind_port_end=45000;

[ User ] nr_users=1; - how many users in conf file USER1=hawk; - username PASS1=test; - userpass IDENT1=hawk; - if specified user must have this ident SOCKSIP1=; - if specified socks5 uses another socks5 to conenct to target - specify login options below SOCKSPORT1=; SOCKSPASS1=; SOCKSUSER1=; USERIP1=; - if specified user must have this ip(s) - can use ? and * but not - (ranges) - list of ips seperated with , ALLOWEDIP1=; - if specified socks5 will only connect to this ips BANNEDIP1=; - if specified this target ips are not allowed OIDENT1=1; - 1 to enable oidentd feature - 0 to disable OIDENTIDENT1=; - use this ident with oidentd every time (else users ident is used)

change options below only if you know what you're doing

[ Limit ] day_limit=0; week_limit=0; month_limit=0;

[ Advanced ] oidentpath=/home/hawk/.oidentd.conf; - if you want to use oidentd spoofing enter path to users .oidentd.conf file including filename here oidentdelay=3; - delay in seconds before restoring old .oidentd.conf - 0 if you want it not restored buffersize=4096; pending=50; connect_timeout=7; ident_timeout=5; read_write_timeout=30; uid=1;; retry_count=10; no_ident_check=0; - if enabled no ident request is made - dynamic ident with oidentd wont work