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Window mode switching #43

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Just to confirm, does this mean changing back and forth between windowed/fullscreen while keeping the OpenGL context intact? Thanks!


Yes, exactly so.


That would be fantastic


This is being worked on in the setwindowmonitor branch.

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In case you need a sample for OS X, this is what I did in order to toggle fullscreen on Mac without losing the GL context:

@elmindreda elmindreda referenced this issue from a commit in PixarAnimationStudios/OpenSubdiv
@manuelk manuelk fixes a problem on Linux where apparently there is no "primary" monit…
…or returned (NULL)

fixes #113
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Tool windows #293

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Is there an ETA on this? It's an important feature for us.


@theagentd I'm sorry, I can't give an ETA, but I will help if I can. What is the time frame of your need? I'm about to release 3.1.2 and this is one of the first things I will tackle after that.


It's not extremely urgent, but within one or two months would be great so we can bug-test and integrate the functionality into our engine and menu system. We're working on some big rewrites/library switched right now. We'd really like the ability to switch between true fullscreen, borderless windows and normal windows without having to recreate or share the context.

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