A bukkit plug-in which allows users to configure multi-waypoint routes, track completion, and issue rewards
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This plugin allows users to configure routes for other players to complete. Routes are designated with specially formatted signs. Routes must be completed without use of teleportation, death, or flying.

Signs use the following format:


The valid commands are:

  • Start - Starting point for a route
  • Waypoint - Intermediate waypoint
  • Finish - Finish point for a route
  • View - View all the players who have finished this route
  • Lock - Lock the block underneath this sign to be used by players who have finished the route
  • Enroute - Lock the block underneath this sign to be used by players who are currently using this route

The names of the players who have completed a route will be automatically displayed in a rotation at the bottom of every command sign.

Using Waypoints

Waypoints allow an arbitrary number of intermediate checkpoints along a route. The Waypoint and Finish commands take an extra number argument to identify the exact waypoint they represent. A example of a valid sequence is

  • Start
  • Waypoint: 1
  • Waypoint: 2
  • Finish: 3



Display the player's current exploration progress.

/explorers routes

Display the names of all of the routes.

/explorers players

Display the names of all players currently on a route.


Manually assign a player's progress on a route and waypoint. The waypoint defaults to 0 and the route defaults to none.

/explorers route delete ROUTENAME

Delete all information about the given route.

/explorers route revoke ROUTENAME PLAYERNAME

Delete completion status for a player for a route

/explorers route show ROUTENAME

Display the owner of a route, number of winners, and rewards for completing the route.

/explorers route addreward ROUTENAME MATERIAL QUANTITY

Add the given material in the given quantity as a reward for completing the given route. /explorers route winners ROUTENAME

Display the list of players who have completed this route.

/explorers route give ROUTENAME PLAYERNAME

Reassign ownership of a route to a new player.

/explorers route setxp ROUTENAME QUANTITY

Provide the given number of XP orbs as a reward for completion.