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SSH Hans

A Haskell implementation of the SSH V2 Protocol.

Build the library and the example client and server with

ln -s stack.ghc-7.10.yaml stack.yaml
stack build --flag "ssh-hans:build_examples"

Note that the examples are not built by default, so we must enable building them by setting the build_examples flag above. If you are using Cabal instead of Stack, you can build the examples with

cabal install --flag build_examples

See client/ and server/ for info on the example client and server.

OpenSSH Format Keys

We only support keys in OpenSSH format, corresponding to the -o option to ssh-keygen. To convert an existing key to OpenSSH format:

ssh-keygen -o -p -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

To generate a new, password-less OpenSSH format key:

ssh-keygen -o -N '' -f test_key


  1. Some OpenSSH 5.3 servers advertise support for "hmac-sha2-512", but kex fails when this algorithm is selected for MAC in either direction. According to OpenSSH docs [1], support for "hmac-sha2-512" was not added until version 5.9, so I'm not sure why 5.3 servers are advertising support.


Understanding the Code

The SSH RFCs explain the protocols, messages, and network data encodings. See for a full list of relevant RFCs. The main RFCs relevant to understand this code are RFCs 4250 though 4254.

This library implements both client and server functionality, and much code is agnostic to whether it's being run in a client or server. So, in many places we use "us" and "them" to refer "the local side of the connection" and the "remote side of the connection".

The term "session backend" is used throughout the code to refer to a program which interprets an "exec", "shell", or "subsystem" request on a session channel.

The implementation usually assumes that the other end of the network will not deviate from the protocol, and kills connections quickly if the other end does something unexpected.

Incompleteness / Future Work

There is no support for checking that server signatures are known (cf. ~/.ssh/known_hosts) in clients.

The connection implementation in src/Network/SSH/Connection.hs is incomplete; see that file for more information.