Chromium port for FreeBSD
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Chromium port for FreeBSD

There is a Wiki page at

For a list of all known bugs, see:

When porting Chromium, here are some rules to adhere to. These rules comply with upstream Chromium, and in case some other BSD would try using our patches, ideally we would have one main codebase for all BSDs or at least other projects could use our patches.

  • GN: Use "is_bsd", not "is_freebsd" or some other identifier.

  • C++ files:, not and The implementation can be divided inside like Chromium developers divide Linux/Android/ChromeOS in one .cc file.

  • C++ code: generally OS_BSD, in some cases OS_SOMEBSD when it is really necessary. Never use __FreeBSD__, if OS_* is not defined then there is a reason for this. In such cases, read for that target and find out how to do it correctly.

  • Python: this needs to be investigated, it is rather unclear now: a lot of different calls and approaches already exist in the code. But fortunately it is not very important now.