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Strace an Existing Multi-threaded Process
2015-02-10 05:42:13 -0500

I use strace from time to time for debugging and analysis on Linux. It is a powerful tool that can easily help understand what a process is doing. Many times you would want to connect strace to an existing process. This is done easily with the -p <pid> option. If you need to strace a multi-threaded process then there is the -f option, but this only connects strace to new threads and not to existing ones. If you need to strace an existing multi-threaded process (such as a java server) then you need to pass each thread id to strace using the -p option.

Linux provides an easy way to find the thread ids for a process by running the following command:

ls /proc/<pid>/task/

Another way to get the thread ids is via ps:

ps -L -p <pid> -o lwp=

And here is a one liner that starts strace to monitor an existing process and all its threads:

strace -f -o strace.out `ls /proc/<pid>/task/ | xargs -n 1 echo -n " -p"`

Hope this helps out. I find this one liner quite useful at times.

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