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Development is optimized for OSX but you should be able to find equivalents of everything for Linux and probably Windows.

Go Dependencies

The cmd project is written in Golang, so install the latest version of go for the platform. From here, make sure your GOPATH is set and the cmd project is cloned to $GOPATH/src/ (this location is important). In some cases you need to add $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH variable so the built binaries are executable by following commands.

OSX Dependencies

Linux Dependencies

Since each distribution of Linux has different packaging tools will need to translate these dependencies for your own distribution.

  • make is required
  • Docker Community Edition
  • docker-compose is also required and if not available as a package for your environment, can be installed via pip.
  • hugo is required to make the 'www-dev' target


  1. make setup - (Installs minor utilities)
  2. make build

If these steps fail or you need to run them again make clobber between builds.