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Custom Logspout Builds

Forking logspout to change modules is unnecessary! Instead, you can create an empty Dockerfile based on gliderlabs/logspout:master and include a new modules.go file as well as the build.sh script that resides in the root of this repo for the build context that will override the standard one.

This directory is an example of doing this. It pairs logspout down to just the syslog adapter and TCP transport. Note this means you can only create routes with syslog+tcp as the adapter.

It also shows you can take this opportunity to change default configuration by setting environment in the Dockefile. Here we change the syslog adapter format from the default of rfc5424 to old school rfc3164.

Now you just have to docker build with this Dockerfile and you'll get a custom logspout container image. No need to install Go, no need to maintain a fork.