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v7 (#364)

* fix where providing a SERVICE_NAME for a container with multiple ports exposed would cause services to overwrite each other

* Synchornize etcd cluster in registrator on service registration

* note on docker hub tags

* link to boot2docker

* analytics

* Default to tcp for PortType if not provided

* Allow DEV_RUN_OPTS to be used when calling make dev

* Add new version checker

Checks for new versions with the "usage" service and automatically displays a
standard version message when the "--version" flag is passed.

* Adding retries to backend service in the startup

Signed-off-by: Marcelo Salazar R <chelosalazar@gmail.com>

* Added retry parameters documentation

Signed-off-by: Marcelo Salazar R <chelosalazar@gmail.com>

* Upgrade to alpine:3.2 and go 1.4

go 1.4 is now required (miekg/dns#197)

* Refactor bridge for better testability

bridge.New no longer attempts to ping an adapter, caller must now use the bridge Ping method.

A few simple tests have been added to the bridge pkg

* Removed unused attributes

* prebump

* Adding documentation link

* update wording for Weave product family

* updating documentation & CHANGELOG

* Fix specific port names not overriding port suffix

* Actually check metadata from port. Fix ENV variable order dependency

* Use exit status to determine if container was killed

Instead of using the "kill" and "stop" events, this uses the exit status to
check whether the container was terminated via a signal. This will be more
reliable since the "kill" event can also be sent for non-fatal signals such as

Fixes #248

* Fix releases link in README

* Align SPONSORS text

* Add more detailed usage regarding options placement

Go's "flag" module only parses options up until the first non-option argument,
so additional arguments are left unparsed in "flag.Args()". We only expect one
argument, but additional arguments were ignored, leading to some confusion
about options that were ignored.

This updates the Usage() message with the syntax showing the options before the
registry URI, as well as more detail if the registry argument is missing, or
additional arguments are found.

* Cleanup dangling services

When a service was previously registered into the service registry
and registrator exits without unregistering, registrator now queries
the backend to see which services were registered, and checks against
it's internal list to determine which should be unregistered.

* Support for Docker multi host networking

When using the Docker multi-host networking, IPAddress under NetworkSettings is set to an empty string and the container IP can be retrieved from NetworkSettings.Networks.

At this point it is assumed a single Docker network is associated with the container

* Update util.go

* Using NewVersionedClientFromEnv to create docker client

* Initial basic zookeeper backend for registrator

* Small docs refurbishment

* Note for ignoring individual service on container

* Add support for Consul unix sockets

* Change default port for etc2 backend to default 2379

* Update docs for etcd backend for default port

* *servicePort method
  add support hostip for overlay network

* gofmt bridge

* added Consul TCP Health Check

* removed sentence that was copied from HTTP health check


* Add image size to readme.

Closes #290

* Release prep

* Add image size to docs

* bump

* Have the zookeeper backend use the host port for the service paths, allow publishing services if the base service path already exists, and allow publishing into the root of zookeeper. (#367)