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This repo contains the interface between the Silent Wings either Studio or Viewer with the OGN network.

The main task is to collect all the OGN APRS data for a defined competition area and store it on a SQLITE 3 or MySQL database.

File Description Is the data collector. It gathers all the fixes on the competition area until the sunset Script to create the SWiface database, using the DBschema.sql file
DBschema.sql Database schema used in this application APRS parser routine The set of routines to extract the main data from the APRS packets The list of known gliders, this list is generated weekly from the OGN device data base
SWSconfig.ini The settings used by this application. You need to define here if your are using MySQL or not and the name of the user/password and host, This file is in /etc/local

Originally the system was running on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a HDD SDD of 128 Gb, using Raspbian Jessie distro. The MySQL version uses a Oracle's MySQL database hosted on a WDC Mirror nas/nfs server. Nowadays the system is running in a [Intel NUC] ( under [Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial)] ( and also running under a virtual machine [VirtualBox] ( and [Vagrant] ( in a Windows 10 environment. See for more details

For any bug please report it thru the GitHub account, open an issue and I will try to solve it.

Angel Casado

[acasado (at)](acasado (at)


Silent Wings --- OGN interface




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