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Talking about

This website displays live (mostly) glider traffic. More information can be found on:

You can use this repo to report issues.


You can create custom links to ogn-live, for example:,5.83412&z=6&o=1&b=46.3069,42.5792,11.0471,0.5003&l=pr&w=0&p=2&t=

URL Parameters

The following URL parameters are currently supported:

Flag Description Value
c center coordinates latitude,longitude
w show warning window 0 - hidden
z zoom level 0 (entire world) to 21 (most detailed)
o show offline aircrafts 1 - show offline
m map type s:sattelite, h:hybrid, r:roadmap, t:relief
b bounds lat_max,lat_min,lon_max,lon_min
s auto set to map 1 - true
l show special layers v:wind, p:pressure, z:airspaces, a:airports, r:receivers
u use imperial units i - activated
p path length default: 5 min, p=2: 10 min, p=3 all points
n show side panel 0 - hidden
t load task file, (see Tasks) URL


Task File Format

Currently the code handles JSON and XCSoar TSK files. You can generate such a task file with many programs (e.g. The task file can be local or hosted somewhere (hosting with CORS). Remark: github and gists has CORS enabled.

To display only aircrafts you want, you can specify a "whitelist" of device IDs in the task file (currently only supported by JSON files). The devices need to be registered in the OGN database to be recognized.

Example task file (json-encoded)

{"tasks": [
    {"name": "15m", "color": "0000FF", "legs": [ [47.3,1.55],["L",3000],[48.2,2.3],["C",30000],[47.5,-1.3],["C",50000],[47.3,1.5],["L",1000] ] },
    {"name": "standard","color": "00FF00","legs": [ [47.2,1.55],["Q180",3000],[46.5,2.3],["Q",10000],[46.5,-0.2],["Q",10000],[47,-0.2],["Q",10000],[47.2,1.5],["Q180",3000] ] },
    {"name": "open","color": "000000","legs": [ [47.25,1.6],["L",3000],[48,3],["C",500],[46,3],["C",500],[47.22,1.6],["L",1000] ],"wlist": ["DD1111", "DD2222", "DD3333", "DD4444"]}

There is an external program cup2ogn.exe that will generate such a file either of a .CUC (SeeYou competition scoring file), or of a .CUP file (with or without a task, but with is better).


The backend code used in production is not yet public. However there is a alternative backend ogn-live-backend.

AJAX endpoints

Description name URL
Receiver list rxml rec.php
Flights cxml lxml.php?a={{ all }}{{ boundc }}{{ recc }}{{ parc }}{{ tz }}{{ hashy }}
Flight path cxml1 livexml1.php?id={{ p }}&l={{ lo }}
Flight data dxml dataxml.php?i=M_{{ p }}&f={{ fi }}
Variable Description Value
all show offline gliders 1 - true, 0 -false
boundc Bounds &b={{ amax }}&c={{ amin }}&d={{ omax }}&e={{ omin }}
amax Latitude eg. 50.123456789
omax Longitude eg. -9.123456789
recc unknown &r={{ rec }}
parc unknown &p={{ pw }}
tz timezone offset eg. -120
hashy &y={{ dt }}, "" for all types
dt device type bitmask 0x1 ICAO, 0x2 Flarm, 0x4 OGN
p flight identifier eg. 12345678
lo longitude.toFixed() eg. 7
fi flight id {{ reg }} or 'hidden'
reg registry eg. XXXXXX
encpath encoded path


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<m e="0"/>
<m a="EHTL" b="52.0607986" c="5.9376998" d="1"/>
<m a="Musbach" b="48.5047989" c="8.4768000" d="1"/>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<m a="48.660000,12.198000,_b8,8bde76b8,807,23:11:22,633,103,131,-0.4,3,Moosburg,0,8bde76b8"/>
<m a="49.000500,9.080170,BF,D-9989,284,21:51:28,5427,0,0,-0.1,1,Loechgau,DDA286,fc73a533"/>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<m e="0" i="{{ p }}" r="{{ enc_path }}"/>


Licensed under the AGPLv3.


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