A gateway with built-in database for the Open Glider Network (OGN)
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A database backend for the Open Glider Network. The ogn-python module saves all received beacons into a database with SQLAlchemy. It connects to the OGN aprs servers with python-ogn-client. It requires PostgreSQL and PostGIS.


Installation and Setup

  1. Checkout the repository

    git clone https://github.com/glidernet/ogn-python.git
  2. Install python requirements

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Install PostgreSQL with PostGIS Extension. Create a database (use "ogn" as default, otherwise you have to modify the configuration, see below)

  4. Optional: Install redis for asynchronous tasks (like takeoff/landing-detection)

    apt-get install redis-server
  5. Create database

    ./manage.py db.init

There is also a Vagrant environment for the development of ogn-python. You can create and start this virtual machine with vagrant up and login with vagrant ssh. The code of ogn-python will be available in the shared folder /vagrant.


Running the aprs client and task server

To schedule tasks like takeoff/landing-detection (logbook.compute), Celery with Redis is used. The following scripts run in the foreground and should be deamonized (eg. use supervisord).

  • Start the aprs client

    ./manage.py gateway.run
  • Start a task server (make sure redis is up and running)

    celery -A ogn.collect worker -l info
  • Start the task scheduler (make sure a task server is up and running)

    celery -A ogn.collect beat -l info

To load a custom configuration, create a file myconfig.py (see config/default.py) and set the environment variable OGN_CONFIG_MODULE accordingly.

touch myconfig.py
export OGN_CONFIG_MODULE="myconfig"
./manage.py gateway.run

manage.py - CLI options

usage: manage [<namespace>.]<command> [<args>]

positional arguments:
  command     the command to run

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

available commands:
    convert_logfile        Convert ogn logfiles to csv logfiles (one for aircraft beacons and one for receiver beacons) <arg: path>. Logfile name: blablabla.txt_YYYY-MM-DD.
    create_indices         Create indices for AircraftBeacon.
    drop_indices           Drop indices of AircraftBeacon.
    import_csv_logfile     Import csv logfile <arg: csv logfile>.
    drop                   Drop all tables.
    import_airports        Import airports from a ".cup" file
    import_ddb             Import registered devices from the DDB.
    import_ddb_file        Import registered devices from a local file.
    init                   Initialize the database.
    upgrade                Upgrade database to the latest version.
    run                    Run the aprs client.
    write                  Export igc file for <address> at <date>.
    compute_logbook        Compute logbook.
    compute_takeoff_landingCompute takeoffs and landings.
    show                   Show a logbook for <airport_name>.
    airports               Compute airport statistics.
    devices                Compute device statistics
    receivers              Compute receiver statistics.
    list_all               Show a list of all airports.
    stats                  Show some stats on registered devices.
    aircraft_type_stats    Show stats about aircraft types used by devices.
    hardware_stats         Show stats about hardware version used by devices.
    software_stats         Show stats about software version used by devices.
    stealth_stats          Show stats about stealth flag set by devices.
    hardware_stats         Show some statistics of receiver hardware.
    list_all               Show a list of all receivers.
    software_stats         Show some statistics of receiver software.

Only the command logbook.compute requires a running task server (celery) at the moment.

Available tasks

  • ogn.collect.database.import_ddb - Import registered devices from the DDB.
  • ogn.collect.database.import_file - Import registered devices from a local file.
  • ogn.collect.database.update_country_code - Update country code in receivers table if None.
  • ogn.collect.database.update_devices - Add/update entries in devices table and update foreign keys in aircraft beacons.
  • ogn.collect.database.update_receivers - Add/update_receivers entries in receiver table and update receivers foreign keys and distance in aircraft beacons and update foreign keys in receiver beacons.
  • ogn.collect.logbook.update_logbook - Add/update logbook entries.
  • ogn.collect.logbook.update_max_altitude - Add max altitudes in logbook when flight is complete (takeoff and landing).
  • ogn.collect.stats.update_device_stats - Add/update entries in device stats table.
  • ogn.collect.stats.update_receiver_stats - Add/update entries in receiver stats table.
  • ogn.collect.takeoff_landing.update_takeoff_landing - Compute takeoffs and landings.

If the task server is up and running, tasks could be started manually.

>>>from ogn.collect.database import import_ddb


Licensed under the AGPLv3.