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An open source, two-way communication platform for NGOs to interact with 1000s of beneficiaries at the same time.

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Glific is a WhatsApp based open source 2-way communication platform for NGOs to have conversations with their community. It is being developed under Project Tech4Dev initiative of Chintu Gudiya Foundation.

Glific aims to empower social organisations to act decisively and quickly on grassroots information through a host of features ranging from automated responses to comprehensive analytics.

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Looking to contribute

Glific has a split tech architecture where the frontend is in React and the backend is in Elixir.

We use cypress for automated testing. If you are interested in adding test cases check out our cypress repo

We also have some third party integrations support with Glific that we call our recipes. Check out our recipes here


  1. glific Public

    The Main application that provides the core interface via the glific APIs

    Elixir 136 41

  2. Frontend for the Glific platform

    TypeScript 24 14

  3. recipes Public

    Sample projects to integrate Glific with third party services.

    TypeScript 4 1


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