Develop beautiful desktop apps with flutter and rust. 🌠
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flutter-rs Build status Gitter chat MIT licensed

Build flutter desktop app in dart & rust

This is the development repo. Head to flutter-app-template for a running demo.


  • Install latest Rust

  • Install libglfw:

    • Mac: brew install glfw
    • linux: apt install libglfw3
  • Install flutter sdk

  • In flutter-app project, set flutter sdk version in Cargo.toml

version = "5af435098d340237c5e3a69bce6aaffd4e3bfe84"
This commit version id can be found in bin/internal/engine.version file in flutter sdk folder.
  • Run scripts/ to get a running example. Note: The first run is going to take a while to download rust dependecies and flutter engine.


  • Support Hot reload
  • MethodChannel, EventChannel
  • Async runtime using tokio
  • Application icons
  • System dialogs
  • Clipboard support
  • Cross platform support (mac & linux)
  • Support distribution format: (mac app, mac dmg)



  • Support setting default window background color.
  • Loader UI and rebranding.
  • Desktop integration: App menu, context menu, file dialogs.
  • Flutter scroller should support desktop scroll event.
  • Download dll from web?


To contribute to flutter-rs, please see CONTRIBUTING.