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@glikely glikely released this 31 Oct 15:01
· 315 commits to main since this release

New Features:

  • Provide list of source names when setting device name
  • Make PTZ device name track source name
  • Allow device to be associated with any source name
  • Move PTZDevice contructor/destructor into cpp
  • Assign each device a persistant unique id
  • Add config to disable controls for active scene
  • Use toolbar buttons instead of radio buttons for autoselect mode
  • Add button for manually unlocking the live camera lock

Bug fixes and codebase improvements

  • Only send stop commands when needed
  • Drop unnecessary calls to setFlat() on focus buttons
  • Fix setting state of livemoveDisable checkbox
  • Use the same terminology between dock and settings
  • visca-over-tcp: Automatically reconnect when sending
  • Fix Linux build
  • trivial: Fix layout of settings dialog
  • action-source: Fix handling of disabled sources
  • action-source: use .activate() callback
  • Remove unused signal handler from action source
  • trivial: Delete commented out code from ptz-controls.cpp
  • Drop default hostname/address from visca over IP config
  • ptz-device: fix name handling
  • Pass obs_data_t config to PTZDevice constructor
  • Update screenshots
  • Always use .currCamera() to get ptz device
  • Rename "camera" to "device_id" in the action filter
  • ui: Remove errant '&' from setting dialog
  • visca: Clamp device address to [1,7]