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obs-ptz v0.13.0

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@github-actions github-actions released this 02 Dec 14:53
· 95 commits to main since this release

Another release for you to go and try. The big change in this release is speed ramping on the controls. The speed slider has been removed entirely and the speed of movements starts small, and ramps up the longer the button is held down. This behaviour appears to be more user-friendly, but I would like to have feedback on how it is working.

The other big change is in how a PTZ device is associated with an OBS source. Instead of having to manually name the PTZ device exactly the same as the PTZ source, now there is a combo box in the settings dialog to choose which source the camera is connected to.

Finally there are a bunch of backend fixes and cleanups that make the plugin more reliable. VISCA TCP connections should automatically reconnect. Camera settings and state are kept up to date and can be viewed in the settings dialog when debug is turned on. In a future release those changes will allow some of the settings to be controlled easily.

Hopefully this will work well for all of you. As always, please test in a controlled environment before using in production, and let me know how it goes, either good or bad. I always love to hear feedback and how you're using this plugin.


obs-ptz-v0.13.0-linux-x86_64.deb: b55d8dc414b15fb2db685a6d588c7ef3f419aa0ae0538dc27c523014fe53b228
obs-ptz-v0.13.0-macos-arm64.pkg: 03cdd5eeece80ccf42f6c84fb95b62345fa9846772f6a4861e737acfcaa75164
obs-ptz-v0.13.0-macos-universal.pkg: 47eb91b22d2fae8c907fca7554bbe125d61462ca8de4c30863400038e2fd6fc6
obs-ptz-v0.13.0-macos-x86_64.pkg: eb0061b0eb0ba2817569fc66b7b0b90ae7699ae5d006573566f5d60341bed64c
obs-ptz-v0.13.0-windows-x64-Installer.exe: 93aebff3603565a27702e1a34f3b635011098e0e2c44840e7abc9ee107db8b71 64ee764b0cede0631a3371e6498a8deae48bdfecc1600465eaca76269f50b49d