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Wikipedia Data Analysis Toolkit
Python R
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Wikipedia Data Analysis Toolkit

  • Author: Felipe Ortega.
  • Contributors: Carlos Martínez, Efrayim D Zitron, Aaron Halfaker.
  • License: GPLv3.
  • Python version: 3.4.2

The aim of WikiDAT is to create an extensible toolkit for Wikipedia data analysis, using Python and R.

Several tools are included to automate the extraction and preparation of Wikipedia data from different sources. Their execution can be parallelized in multi-core computing environments, and they are highly customizable with a single configuration file.

Different case studies illustrate how to analyze and visualize data from Wikipedia in any language. Outcomes are stored in subdirectories results, figs or traces, inside the main directory for each case. More cases will be included progressively, covering typical examples of quantitative analyses that can be undertaken with Wikipedia data.

Currently, WikiDAT is compatible with either MySQL or MariaDB for local data storage. Support for PostgreSQL will be available soon (code is being ported). Additional support for unstructured data with MongoDB is also planned.

Ongoing changes

The toolkit is currently being migrated to Python 3 (v 3.4.2). The bulk of this task is already done but the codebase should still be thoroughly tested to ensure proper functioning and absence of bugs. Likewise, all documentation is undergoing a complete update to reflect the new changes for execution under Python 3.

Required dependencies

For a complete list of hardware and software requirements, please check the file.

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