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Apr 2, 2020
Re-release of Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.2 to fix GNOME 3.36 crashes

@TrechNex TrechNex released this Mar 2, 2020 · 4 commits to glimpse-0-1 since this release

For Linux distribution channels see
Release notes also duplicated at

Overview of Changes from Glimpse 0.1.0 to Glimpse 0.1.2

  • Updated translation files so they use the correct program name more often
  • Glimpse and GNU I.M.P windows no longer group on same Windows taskbar icon
  • Fixed copyright year, versions, and AUTHORS list (now standard practice)
  • Moved "Sponsor Contributors" list to this file so they are still preserved
  • Moved build/ folder to build-aux/ so that we follow GNOME conventions
  • Fixed make dist to assist Linux and BSD distribution package maintainers
  • Fixed "legacy" UI theme in Snapcraft packages
  • Reinstated the "Color" icon theme
  • Reinstated the "Legacy" UI theme
  • Added foreign language translations to the Windows installer
  • Refactored UI translation of "Gimpressionist" to "Impressionist"
  • Fixed branding in the text editor color picker
  • Updated make check to provide more verbose output for Flatpak validation
  • Revamped how upstream maintainers are credited
  • Displays recent upstream contributors through the UI

Please note: If you use the provided source tarballs for Linux packaging you will need to set libgimp as a conflicting package. More details: #7

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@TrechNex TrechNex released this Nov 21, 2019 · 24269 commits to 8148237aa96df6c963d378f5b8137247704145d0 since this release

For Linux distribution channels see
Release notes also duplicated at

Overview of Changes from GNU I.M.P 2.10.12 to Glimpse 0.1.0

Graphical User Interface:

  • Translation files, code & build files updated so "Glimpse" is displayed
    throughout the UI, executables and packages
  • Changed the default UI behaviour for a cleaner/more professional look
  • Replaced application logo and window/taskbar icons
  • Replaced "wilber eek" logo with a new application logo
  • Replaced initial splash screen
  • Updated upstream icon themes to include our own iconography
  • Replaced some links in the "Help" menu
  • Removed links to upstream help pages and documentation
  • Updated the About window
  • Removed code for upstream "easter eggs"
  • Refactored version strings and compatibility notices in file save dialog
  • Refactored display text for plug-ins, extensions and procedures
  • Modified preferences panel to re-brand "Debugging" section and removed
    toolbar header checkbox

Code Improvements:

  • Refactored the automated "authors" system for the Glimpse project
  • Refactored the build system for the Glimpse project
  • Removed some scripts and tooling we do not use with this fork
  • Updated the Flatpak build process and removed webkit build step for dev builds
  • Provided support for Snapcrafters to package the code through their third
    party distribution channel
  • Added Travis CI support to sanity check and test builds in version control
  • Created a new 32-bit Windows installer with the WiX toolset

Developer Assistance:

  • Added BABL, GEGl and MyPaint dependencies as git submodules pre-set at the
    current tagged releases
  • Added Vagrant support so the code can be built
    & run without needing to install the prerequisites on the host system
  • Provided comprehensive build documentation for Windows and Linux in the HACKING file and at
  • Improved integration with the GNOME Builder IDE
  • Provided new code level documentation of our own (such as code of conduct,
    contributing guide, changelog, etc)

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Removed legacy upstream documentation not needed for this fork
  • Changed installation & configuration files location to avoid conflicts
  • Changed cached and temporary files location to avoid conflicts
  • Changed process identifiers so they do not conflict with other running
    instances of the GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • Added our own metadata for built and packaged executables
  • Removed "Color" icons (duplicates "Legacy")
  • Removed "Gray" UI theme (duplicates "System")
  • Provided our own AppStream metadata
  • Maintained compatibility with existing GNU I.M.P v2.x plug-ins
  • Refactored "Created with GIMP" notice to "Created with Glimpse" in the
    default save file metadata
  • Replaced Windows save file metadata icon
  • Re-branded categories used in Plug-in and Procedure browsers
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