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How to migrate configuration settings from Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.x to 0.2.x (Linux)

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How you migrate settings from one installation to another depends on the way you installed 0.1.x and how you plan to install 0.2.x.

Installation Method Glimpse 0.1.x Settings Location Glimpse 0.2.x Settings Location
Flathub ~/.var/app/org.glimpse_editor.Glimpse/config/Glimpse/0.1/ ~/.var/app/org.glimpse_editor.Glimpse/config/Glimpse/0.2/
Snap Store ~/snap/glimpse-editor/current/.config/Glimpse/0.1/ ~/snap/glimpse-editor/current/.config/Glimpse/0.2/
Built from Source Code (or AUR) ~/.config/Glimpse/0.1/ ~/.config/Glimpse/0.2/

In theory you could just copy and paste the entire contents of .../0.1/ into .../0.2/, but we recommend you stick to only copying specific files and folders because there were changes between 0.1.2 and 0.2.0 that you may find useful.

  • gimprc will contain overrides for any global settings that are normally defined in your installation directory, so copy this to retain those customizations
  • menurc sets keyboard shortcuts. Use this file to restore "legacy" key bindings if you dislike the new PhotoGIMP ones
  • sessionrc sets which docks are visible and their layout. Use this file if you customized your dock layout.
  • toolrc sets how icons are displayed and optionally nests them into tool groups. Use this file to restore the icon layout from 0.1.2 if you don't like the new groupings in 0.2.0

Custom brushes, fonts, filters, icons, patterns, plugins and themes all have their own matching folders that can be copied from .../0.1/ to .../0.2/ without causing any breakage.

For reference:

  • Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.x is based on the GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.12
  • Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.x is based on the GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.18