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Known Issues (Windows)

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Glimpse Image Editor no longer launches, and when it does it complains about missing DLL files

Tracking issue(s): N/A

If you can't get the executable to run correctly from the start menu, desktop icon or a standard command prompt, you can try this "known good" command in Powershell:

Start-Process -FilePath Glimpse.exe -WorkingDirectory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Glimpse Image Editor\Glimpse 0.1.2\bin"

TODO: Expand this answer to use the -ArgumentList parameter.

If this command does not work, the root cause may be one of the other "Known Issues" on this wiki page.

Glimpse Image Editor does not work on my corporate machine

Tracking issue(s): #322

Many companies implement extra security policies and restrictions on centrally-managed devices that may interfere with your ability to install or run Glimpse Image Editor. We eventually plan to distribute a "known good" version of Glimpse Image Editor through the Microsoft Store, and that should work better on such machines.

Glimpse Image Editor crashes when I run Edit > Preferences, File > Open, or try to launch it

Tracking issues: #247 #265 #358 #446

These intermittent problems also affect GNU Image Manipulation Program installations, but strangely not always at the same time as they affect Glimpse Image Editor installations. You can try the following to see if it fixes it for you:

  • Delete the %appData%\Glimpse folder, then restart the application
  • Completely uninstall Glimpse Image Editor, and reinstall it from scratch
  • Check your anti-virus program is not quarantining files from the Glimpse Image Editor installation directory
  • Ensure you are running the latest version of Windows 10 and its updates

We eventually plan to distribute a "known good" version of Glimpse Image Editor through the Microsoft Store, and that may provide a workaround in such cases.

Glimpse Image Editor complains about a missing DLL file from an unrelated program

Tracking issue(s): #446

This issue is under active investigation. We believe this problem also affects the GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.x releases, and have reviewed a number of reports on their bug tracker.

We eventually plan to distribute a "known good" version of Glimpse Image Editor through the Microsoft Store, so that may provide a temporary workaround once it is available.

Glimpse Image Editor does not start if a graphics/drawing tablet is connected

Tracking issue(s): #373 #229

This is often caused by a graphics tablet being connected to the computer before Glimpse Image Editor start. Disconnecting the graphics tablet and then reconnecting it after the software is running resolves the problem.

We inherited this problem from upstream, and they are aware of the problem, so it is likely it will be resolved in a future re-base.

Anti-virus programs interfere with the normal operation of Glimpse Image Editor

Tracking issue(s): #247 #265 #358

Symptoms sometimes include the splash screen crashing because anti-virus programs have stopped plug-ins from loading, the application crashing when you select options in the File menu, or the application closing automatically without ever showing the GUI.

The workaround for this is to create an exception in your anti-virus program for the Glimpse Image Editor install location. If you are using an employer-issued laptop, you should contact your company's technical support department for assistance.

Python 2 plug-ins are not loaded on Windows

Tracking issue(s): #178

Glimpse Image Editor does not load Python 2 plug-ins at startup or make the Python console available for scripting. This is because of an upstream documentation bug and missing Python 2 headers in MSYS2.

Unless we spend a lot of time puzzling out upstream's custom cross-compilation tool crossroad, there is no workaround.

Fortunately, the positive feedback we have received from most users suggests that this is not a bug we have to fix, because there is a boost to start-up performance and they do not miss the lost functionality.

In addition, Python 2 is now considered "end of life", so removing its components from the default Windows installation has become a security requirement for some organizations anyway.

Given that the benefits of not including Python 2 support on Windows seem to outweigh the drawbacks, we have made the decision to not include it. If you urgently need this functionality, we suggest you either use the sandboxed Linux ports for Glimpse Image Editor or download the GNU Image Manipulation Program instead.

I cannot run non-Python third-party GNU Image Manipulation Program plugins on 0.2.0

Tracking issue(s): N/A

The GNU Image Manipulation Program builds their Windows port using their own cross-compilation tool called Crossroad and create their installer using InnoSetup. Glimpse Image Editor is built using MSYS2 and we create our own installer using WiX Toolset.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, but because they are slightly different there can be differences in compatibility between both programs. Both Windows builds require different components from MinGW to make the program function, so some GNU Image Manipulation Program plug-ins may try to use files that are not there.

This problem is further compounded by the fact that the GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.18 seems to have introduced bugs that broke some plugins (such as BIMP) that were later fixed in 2.10.20. Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.0 is still based on 2.10.18, so you will have to wait for 0.2.2 for the same fixes to be backported.

The short term workaround is to install Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.2, as that is known to work with legacy third-party plugins for the GNU Image Manipulation Program and is based on 2.10.12.

The long term fix will arrive in Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.2. Our solution is to patch and build the most popular plugins ourselves for 64-bit Windows, and then either prebundle them with the application or make them available to download. We will update this answer as our work on that progresses.

Nahimic prevents Glimpse Image Editor from starting

Tracking issue(s): #442

This Nahimic audio enhancement tool reportedly injects DLL files into running processes. This breaks Glimpse Image Editor, and the only workaround is to disable/uninstall Nahimic while the program is running.

Strange behavior when saving and re-saving files to Dropbox folder

Tracking issue(s): N/A

We have been made aware informally on social media channels and the GNU I.M.P IRC channel that Windows users may encounter application crashes and hangs when saving files directly to the Dropbox folder. The GNU I.M.P developers are aware of the issue, and suspect the root cause is a combination of the Dropbox daemon and Windows itself blocking I/O access to the files while they perform their own operations.

The most straightforward workaround is to work on your XCF project files outside of your Dropbox folder, then copy them across when you have finished working on them.