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TToY Graphical Terminal Emulator


ttoy is currently alpha software. While it may appear functional, many of the bugs that might adversely affect programs running with ttoy have not yet been ironed out. As such, ttoy is not suitable for production use at this time.


ttoy is a graphically embellished terminal emulator for Linux systems. ttoy is inspired by the excellent Shadertoy web application, and especially its clone GLSL Sandbox. The defining feature of ttoy is the ability to load graphical plugins, called toys, and re-compile those plugins as the programmer edits them in real-time. The idea is to provide a native environment for computer graphics experimentation with immediate feedback. Contrary to the existing web-based GLSL Sandbox, this environment should be comforting to graphics programmers inclined to programming with command-line editors such as Vim, Emacs, or Nano.

ttoy will eventually include toys compatible with GLSL shaders created with Shadertoy. ttoy is not, however, limited to just GLSL fragment shaders rendered to a single quad. In theory, ttoy should be able to support any graphical application that can link with the ttoy C API and render with OpenGL (even the requirement for OpenGL is not set in stone; support for Vulkan and/or Direct3D is being considered as well.)

It is hoped that ttoy will also be useful as a general purpose terminal emulator. Many of the toys written for ttoy, especially those that are relatively lightweight and not distracting, are suitable as everyday backgrounds. Power management features are also planned, which will make ttoy more useful in power-limited environments such as laptops.


ttoy currently uses some Linux-only system API's, including epoll(7) and posix_openpt(3). Compilation almost certainly fails on any other platforms, although patches are welcome.

ttoy leverages a number of open-source libraries including libtsm, SDL2, GLEW, and FreeType. All of these libraries along with CMake are needed to compile ttoy.


ttoy is copyright 2016-2017 Jonathan Glines and is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. See the contents of COPYING for details.