Running the worker

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Get username/password for fishtest

In case you have not done so already, get a new account/password:

Please mind that after the registration you will be automatically redirected to the login page. The message "Permission Required. Creating or modifying tests requires you to be logged in. If you don't have an account, please Register." is an information, not an error message.

Install the worker

In case you have not installed the worker on your computer yet, follow the installation instructions on these pages :

Launching the worker

To launch the worker open a console window in fishtest-master/worker directory and run the following command (after changing concurrency to the correct value for your system, see below), providing username and password you've been given.

python --concurrency 3 username password

or, after the first access, a simple


Option concurrency refers to the number of available cores in your system (not including Hyperthreaded cores!), leaving one core for the OS. For example, on my 4 core machine, I use --concurrency 3.

On Linux and Macintosh, you can use the nohup command to run the worker as a background task.

nohup python &

Override default make command

Once launched, fishtest will automatically connect to host, download the book, the cutechess-cli game manager and the engine sources that will be compiled according to the type of worker platform. If default make command is not suitable for you, for instance if you need to use some other compiler than gcc/mingw, then you can create a custom_make.txt file in fishtest-master/worker directory, containing a single line command that fishtest will run to compile the sources.

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