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Apr 19, 2017
Fix tootsuite#2108 - Fix gif uploads (tootsuite#2171)
* Fix tootsuite#2108 - Fix gif uploads
Add specs for media attachment gifv conversion

* Add ffmpeg to travis

* Make travis install ffmpeg, not libav

* Switch travis to trusty
Apr 19, 2017
Fixed hungarian translation (tootsuite#2158)
Apr 16, 2017


Do not display "reset password" in admin UI for remote accounts (toot…
Apr 13, 2017
Merge branch 'matteoaquila-master'
Apr 9, 2017
Do not store last visited URL from API controllers (tootsuite#1330)
Sign-in redirects you back to last visited URL, but in case of API requests,
this sometimes redirected users to an API URL that, of course, greeted them
with an {"error":"The access token is invalid"}
Apr 7, 2017


Merge pull request #1146 from tootsuite/fix-object-type-nil-exception
Fix nil#object_type error
Feb 5, 2017


Remove bios from blocked users list, filter out broken entries from A…
…PI response
Jan 19, 2017
Fix statsd null backend not being initialized properly
Nov 9, 2016


Fix live status removal from public/hashtag channels
Oct 18, 2016


Improve how errors are displayed in the UI
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