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CLI tool to deploy a GitHub repository to

Glitch Deploy Screencast


# requires node 8
npx glitch-deploy

Enable debug logs

DEBUG=glitch-deploy* npx glitch-deploy

Show browser UI

SHOW_BROWSER=1 npx glitch-deploy

Deploy from CI

glitch-deploy can be run as part of your continious integration, for example using Travis CI.

You have to set the following environment variables

  • GITHUB_REPO (e.g. octocat/Hello-World)
  • GLITCH_DOMAIN (the name of your Glitch app)

It’s recommended to create a separate GitHub user account for the deployment to keep your own account’s credentials safe. If the given Glitch app already exists then make sure the account is invited as collaborator. If the repository is private you have to invite the account as collaborator on GitHub, too.

Happy auto-deploying to Glitch :)

How it works

glitch-deploy is using puppeteer to run a headless Chrome browser to sign in to GitHub & Glitch, create a new Glitch app and import the repository form GitHub.

Note that glitch-deploy is using undocumented Glitch APIs that might change at any time.


Apache 2.0