Get Involved!

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We're a relatively new project and could do with your help!

When we're specifically looking for tech or design help, we'll update this space. In the meanwhile, you can also contribute by spreading the word!

###Style We use Rubocop and haml-lint as style checker for our ruby and haml files. You can execute rubocop and haml-lint app/views to check if you are violating any of the guidelines we follow. Their warning messages are already quite descriptive but if you get stuck, you should checkout The Ruby Style Guide and haml yardoc.


  1. Fork the main repository.
  2. Find something to work on from the issues page.
  3. Start a new branch with a meaningful name, and add your fixes.
  4. Send us a pull request!

We'll review your work and provide you with suggestions if we find scope for improvement. If everything's good, we'll merge it in! Simple :)