This repository contains the core code for the Gliver application framework.
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Gliver PHP Framework

Gliver Framework offers you very lightweight and therefore lightning fast MVC environment for writing Web Applications using PHP! An open source framework for rapid application development. Gliver has almost no learning curve and is a best bet for newbies as well as seasoned developers.

To make things more interesting Gliver implements the latest technologies for example Composer for package management and use of Packagist libraries. Lightweight templating engine with efficient ORM - sure this is all you need for an amazing application. But still gives you flexibility to extend the core functionality with custom code...

Official Documentation

The Official detailed documentation for the Gliver framework is available at Gliver Documentation Website

Server Requirements

Gliver Framework requires PHP version 5.4 or greater to run. In order to avoid broken functionality or code and opening security holes in your application, upgrade to version >=5.4.


For detailed installation instructions please visit the installation section of the Gliver User Guide.

Security Vulnerabilities

The security of the information you handle with your application is at the core of Gliver. We have already addressed the major security vulnerabilites that are associated with PHP applications, but should you spot any vulnerability please send an email to and this would be fixed ASAP!


Gliver PHP MVC Framework is an open source software lincensed unders the MIT License