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Repository contains patches produced by Layer-2 filtering for FreeBSD project.
FreeBSD wiki:
Blog containing examples and more or less complete feature list:
Project has started as a Google Summer of Code'2008 project. I've implemented
some features afterwards. The code is not actively maintained at the moment, so
patches may not apply cleanly (let me know that's the case, I'll fix it).
There is an unmaintained and outdated projects/l2filter branch in FreeBSD SVN
repository, please contact me if you are interested in keeping branch updated
or importing patches to -CURRENT:
Some of the project's achievements:
* ipfw and pf support
* per interface configuration option in ifconfig: l2filter and l2tag
* pfil framework is extended to handle ethernet packets (layer-2)
* rewritten ipfw layer-2 filtering to use pfil
* stateful filtering by ethernet addresses
* lookup tables may contain ethernet addresses
* ipfw lookup tables may contain several ethernet addresses for a subnet/ip
* ipfw arp filtering options
* dummynet ethernet flows support
* dummynet 'ipfw tag' flows support