Adapted images from the African Storybook
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ASP Imagebank New - Adapted images from the African Storybook

This repository contains images adapted (e.g., colourized) from images in the African Storybook imagebank. Specifically, these images have been either colourized or made into black & white colour-in/outline-style images as part of the Storybooks Canada project.

The original (unmodified) images can be found in the asp-imagebank repo. All editing, colourization, and artistic modification has been done by Ingrid Schechter.


The files are arranged in two main folders, bw and col, depending on the type of modification that has been applied:

  • bw: Black & white, de-colourized outline images suitable for colouring-in
  • col: Colourized, originally black & white images that have been coloured in

Within each of these main folders there are two subfolders large and medium indicating the size of the images.

The images in the large folder are original size, which can be quite large, and may be in PNG or JPG format.

The images in the medium folder are resized to the standard Storybooks Canada image size (546x546 pixels), and are all in JPG format.


All of the original images were released by the African Storybook under an open license. These modifications follow those licenses (either CC BY or CC BY-NC). A list of the licenses applying to each set of images is below, arranged by story index number:

Index # Story title License
0001 A very tall man CC BY
0002 Look at the animals CC BY-NC
0003 School clothes CC BY-NC
0004 Goat, Dog and Cow CC BY
0009 Where is my cat? CC BY-NC
0030 Feelings CC BY-NC
0067 Cooking CC BY-NC
0112 My body CC BY-NC
0120 Hair CC BY-NC
0129 Lazy little brother CC BY-NC
0210 Tingi and the cows CC BY
0231 Weather book CC BY-NC
0296 Tom the banana seller CC BY

Unless otherwise noted above, all other content in this repository is released under a CC BY 3.0 license.