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This repository contains multilingual studio-recorded and post-processed audio for the Global Storybooks projects. The audio consists of readings of a collection of 40 storybooks from the African Storybook. All of the stories can be read and listened to here in English, French, and many other languages.


All audio files can be found in the audio folder within this repo, arranged by language. See the section below for a list of language codes.

Within each language folder, the 40 stories in the collection are arranged in separate folders by their individual 4-digit story ID.

The story folders each contain a single full-length MP3 file, as well as a folder labelled mp3. The full-length MP3 file contains the entire story being read aloud as a single file, while the files in the mp3 folder have been split into individual pages from the full-length file. If you just want to hear the story read aloud, you will probably want the full-length file only. However, the split files have multiple possibilities for alternative uses and extended applications.


The following languages are included in this repo, listed in order of ISO language code. If a language listed below is not in the audio folder of this repository it is most likely in the process of being edited, and will be released as soon as a final version is ready.

ISO code Language name Reader
am Amharic Abenezer Chane
ar Arabic Mashael Muhanna
bn Bengali Asma Afreen
de German Jula Eberth
en English Darshan Soni
es Spanish Áurea Vericat
fa Persian (Farsi) Nasim Peikazadi
fr French Alexandra Danahy
it Italian Sonia Pighini
ko Korean Scarlet Kim
pa Punjabi Gurleen Parmar
pl Polish Helena Kudzia
pt Portuguese (Brazil) Alfredo Ferreira
so Somali Ibrahim Ahmed
sw Swahili Sophia Turunesh Mufuruki
tl Tagalog La Trinidad Mina
tr Turkish Leyla Tekül
ur Urdu Sadia Shad
yue Chinese (Cantonese) Zoe Lam
zh Chinese (Mandarin) Zhuo Sun


The full and split files follow the following naming conventions:

  1. Full files: [ISO Language code]-[Story ID]_[Story shortcode].mp3
  2. Split files: [Page #].mp3

This makes it easier for web applications, scripts, and other tools to precisely locate the individual audio track for a particular page of a story in a specific language, or the full audio of that story, within the folder structure of the repo.

For example, the Arabic audio for the 5th page of the story A Very Tall Man can be found at:


Likewise, the full audio would be in:



The following stories from the African Storybook are included in the collection, arranged in order of their Story ID.

Titles in the table below are linked to the original story on the African Storybook website. Story IDs are linked to the individual story pages on Storybooks Canada, where the stories can be read while listening to the audio.

Please note the different licenses for each story, as the license for the audio recordings follows the license for the original story.

Story ID Title Shortcode License
0001 A very tall man tall CC BY
0002 Look at the animals animals CC BY-NC
0003 School clothes clothes CC BY-NC
0004 Goat, Dog and Cow goat CC BY
0006 Anansi and Wisdom anansi CC BY
0008 What are you doing? what CC BY
0009 Where is my cat? where CC BY-NC
0027 Decision decision CC BY
0030 Feelings feelings CC BY-NC
0052 Simbegwire simbegwire CC BY
0066 Nozibele and the three hairs nozibele CC BY
0067 Cooking cooking CC BY-NC
0072 The Honeyguide's revenge honeyguide CC BY
0087 I like to read! read CC BY
0089 Khalai talks to plants khalai CC BY
0095 Zama is great! zama CC BY
0110 A Tiny Seed: The Story of Wangari Maathai wangari CC BY
0111 Why hippos have no hair hippos CC BY
0112 My body body CC BY-NC
0120 Hair hair CC BY-NC
0129 Lazy little brother lazy CC BY-NC
0141 Chicken and Millipede chicken CC BY
0156 The hungry crocodile hungry CC BY
0158 Hen and Eagle hen CC BY
0201 Donkey Child donkey CC BY
0210 Tingi and the Cows tingi CC BY
0231 Weather book weather CC BY-NC
0234 Andiswa Soccer Star andiswa CC BY-NC
0243 Holidays with grandmother holidays CC BY
0262 Magozwe magozwe CC BY
0271 Two two CC BY-NC
0291 What Vusi's sister said vusi CC BY
0294 Grandma's bananas grandma CC BY
0296 Tom the banana seller tom CC BY
0302 Fire fire CC BY
0315 Sakima's song sakima CC BY
0324 The day I left home for the city city CC BY
0327 Counting animals counting CC BY
0337 Children of wax wax CC BY
0342 Punishment punishment CC BY


All story content has been derived from the African Storybook.

All recordings done at UBC Studios and mixed and post-processed by Craig Carpenter of Carpenter Sound Services.


The audio of each story is released under the same Creative Commons license as that of the original text (see the table of licenses for details). Please note that different licenses (either CC BY or CC BY-NC) and license versions (either 3.0 or 4.0) apply to each story.