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-The Tao of Unix Programming
+TAO (The Art) of Unix Programming
This is a ruby-powered, ANSI-enabled, fortune-like program to espouse wisdom at
opportune moments, such as when you log in.
@@ -8,3 +8,13 @@ To get it running, make sure you have `ruby` and `gem` installed, then run:
`gem install ansi`
After that, it should work fine.
+To have it display on login, you could try something like this:
+/path/to/taoup |grep -v '^---' | while read line;do echo $RANDOM'|'$line;done |sort|cut -d"|" -f2- | head -n 1 | cowsay -f eyes -n |head -n 2 |tail -n 1
+echo '' | cowsay -f eyes |tail -n 10 |sed 's/^//'
+That `while read line...done` stuff is an ugly hack for portable random `sort`.
+(If you don't yet have `cowsay`, stop reading right now and get it installed!)

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