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The Tao of Unix Programming (Ruby-powered ANSI fortunes)
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TAO (The Art) of Unix Programming (and related systemic epiphanies)

This is a ruby-powered, ANSI-enabled, fortune-like program to espouse wisdom at opportune moments, such as when you log in.

It's mostly a personal collection, but contributions are welcome.

To get it running, make sure you have ruby and gem installed, then run: gem install ansi

After that, it should work fine.

Getting wisdom at login

To display taoup output at login, try something like this in your .profile:

/path/to/taoup |grep -v '^---' | while read line;do echo $RANDOM'|'$line;done |sort|cut -d"|" -f2- | head -n 1 | cowsay -f eyes -n |head -n 2 |tail -n 1
echo '' | cowsay -f eyes |tail -n 10 |sed 's/^/�[0;32;40m/'

Note that you need to use the real source of for the command here, since the final sed contains extended ANSI escape sequence characters that do not copy from Github-webland. The while read line...done stuff is an ugly hack for portable random sort, mostly for OSX users. If you don't yet have cowsay, stop reading right now and get it installed!

Special modes

There are two modes other than standard invocation, --machine which drops any ANSI colors from the output, and --fortune which converts the wisdom to an assumed imitation of the fortune format. To make the resulting fortune format file available to the classic fortune program (loses ANSI colors in output) you can run strfile as follows:

taoup --fortune >taoup-fortunes
strfile taoup-fortunes taoup-fortunes.dat
fortune taoup-fortunes
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