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@globaldothealth is an initiative to deliver a cutting-edge, secure data and analytics platform to support pandemic and epidemic response is a transformative initiative dedicated to creating a state-of-the-art, secure data and analytics platform that empowers pandemic and epidemic research and supports equitable public health decision-making worldwide.

We build networks, software, and analytical tools that are open-source, easily deployable, and co-designed by our global teams.

Our mission is to enable rapid sharing of trusted public health data to advance the response to infectious diseases.

You can find existing projects below.

You can learn more about on our website.

New projects can be suggested via our discussions page.

If you want to contribute to please see our Contribution guidelines and Code of Conduct. contributors work across academic institutions, technology companies, and public health institutions with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, Oxford Martin School,, and the Wellcome Trust.


  1. turnkey-curator-portal turnkey-curator-portal Public


  2. outbreak-schema outbreak-schema Public Day Zero Outbreak schema


  3. ebola ebola Public template

    Ebola Uganda 2022 repository

    Python 5 1

  4. monkeypox monkeypox Public

    Monkeypox 2022 repository

    HTML 173 39

  5. marburg marburg Public

    Marburg 2023 outbreak repository


  6. isaric-pipeline isaric-pipeline Public

    ISARIC 3.0 Pipeline



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