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Issues and bug reporting

If you encounter any issue and you are not able to to run GlobaLeaks h

  • Be sure to strictly follow the Installation Guide for installation
  • Be sure to satisfy the Technical Requirements for hardware and operating system version.
  • Search on the support forum to check if a user has already encountered your issue:
  • Report the issue on the official software ticking system:

Useful debugging commands

Depending on your setup. There are a few things that are usually the first things to check to see if GlobaLeaks is working.

  • Is the service running?
service globaleaks status
  • Is the service responding on the loopback interface?
curl -vvv localhost:8082
  • Is the service listening on external interfaces? Is Tor2Web service listening on 443?
netstat -tap
  • Are exceptions being generated?
less /var/globleaks/logs/globaleaks.log

Log files

There are a few useful logs and corresponding log files when GlobaLeaks is installed.

GlobaLeaks process:


The verbosity is configurable via the web interface of the software inside Advanced Settings.


/var/log/tor/log Iptables: /var/log/syslog AppArmor: /var/log/kern.log
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