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Contributing to Tor2web

As many open source projects, Tor2web benefits from the volunteer effort of the community.

The more the help, the better is the software, its localization and its documentation.

We'd love for you to contribute to Tor2web and help us making it even better than it is today!

You can contribute to Tor2web in different and all welcomed ways:

Donate a Server

You can donate a server to the tor2web network.

The technical requirementes for the server are very limited!

A yearly contract for a rented server is welcome.

If some of the community can help in running servers you donate, please advise on the mailing list or on Twitter.

Run a Server

You can also directly run a server.

We advise that you should introduce yourself to the [] before proposing to run a server, as currently the tor2web network is still based on a volunteer community where the trust issue is a must.

Supporting us with your development skills!

To learn how to be part in the Tor2web development read our software development guidelines.


To support Tor2web you can help us with donations that will goes entirely for the software development!

Bitcoin [PayPal]( 22CAHH6GRRCTC) Subscription